Time takes for-ev-er

I feel like I’m waiting for the microwave to beep, the toaster to pop, and the clock to reach the next minute all at once. I just found out that my expected graduation date is further away than I was expecting. Did you know that art students have more classes than the other students? Yeah! Apparently we have to wait till we finish all the classes of our focus, before we can even apply for our program. So, what was I thinking, and why do I feel so compelled to prove to them that I will rock their socks??? Bah!

I wasn’t planning on finishing this year, but next year would have been nice. But in any which case, I’m going to share my progress, and hopefully, show my projects. Then by next year, we’ll see if I get what I want. But I have to admit, I’m starting to get excited about my life.




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